Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Drinking Water Sewer Smell

Usually a foul odor coming from your water supply is from sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide—not sewage-related. It’s possible that the pressure tank or well needs to be treated. A water-filtering system may also be needed.

Sewer Gas Smell in the Bathroom

This issue could have a few different sources:
• If it's a dry trap in the tub drain, you may be able to correct it by pouring a couple gallons of water down the drain.
• If the smell is coming from the toilet base, the wax ring used to seal the connection between the toilet and discharge pipe may have pulled away from the pipe or shrunk. Either way, the toilet will need to be removed to replace the wax ring.
• If it’s not coming from the toilet area or drain, a plugged roof vent may need to be cleared.

Sewer Odor Upon Entering the Home

Sewer gas is designed to escape through a roof vent. Sometimes, however, the gas will travel to the area under the building’s eaves and is pulled inside when the front door opens. To solve this issue, a charcoal filter can be added to the roof vent, which will filter the sewer gas as it leaves the home.

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