Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Downside of Drano

A clogged bathtub drain is a hassle that no one really has time for. You’re not going to skip your daily shower because the tub is backed up, but you’d really prefer not to be standing in stagnant water. The quick and easy solution is some sort of fast-acting drain cleaner. Unfortunately, that can also be the wrong solution. If you don’t know everything about the pipes you’re feeding these chemicals to, you might be doing more harm that good.

Potential for Corrosion

It’s entirely possible that Drano will have no adverse affects on your bathroom appliances. It’s also possible that any of the following could happen:
• Plastic piping will deteriorate and develop holes.
• Metal piping will slowly corrode.
• Ceramic toilet boils will crack.
These draining agents are made of dozens of chemicals, the reactions of which clear out the clogged pipes. Those same reactions don’t always sit well with the materials that you need to be left in working order.

Blind Use

Since you usually don’t know what’s causing the blockage, you might just be adding cleaner to a thick wad of hair that’s not going to budge. This can lead to pooling chemicals, which you really don’t want.

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