Sunday, 27 March 2016

Let The Experts Handle Septic System Leach Fields

Perhaps you are contemplating having a septic tank system installed on your property or already use one. These systems provide a reliable and effective means of managing household waste.

Septic systems consist of four components:

1. a pipe from the home
2. a septic tank
3. a drain field, or leach field
4. and soil
When wastewater emerges from a septic tank, it contains contaminants. The purpose of the leach field is to remove these contaminants through a series of trenches containing perforated pipes and porous material covered by a layer of soil.Periodically, leach fields require examination.

Why Getting Your Leach Field Checked Is a Good Idea

Have you spotted wet areas in your yard? Sometimes the drainage system won’t work properly; when this occurs, your leach field may be surfacing above the ground, causing wet and smelly areas.There’s even a chance that sewage is backing up into the plumbing in your house. The leach field for your septic tank could be exhausted and in need of repair, replacement or possibly rejuvenation.

Regular maintenance of septic systems and leach fields is simple when handled by experts. Take a look at leach field rejuvenation in Santa Cruz and rest easy knowing your septic system will be well cared for.

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